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Is There Someone Who Is On Xpovio?
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭
Have Any Of You Taken Xprovio?
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭
A MyMyelomaTeam Member

Better known as Selinexor.. I have not been on it but I do know someone who started a Clinical Trial at UCLA - Dr Schiller. before Selinexor was approved. After failing 5 drugs including Dara, Revliread more

What Creative Life Hacks, Tips, Or Tricks Do You Have, Big Or Small, That Make Your Everyday Life Easier?
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭
A MyMyelomaTeam Member

That’s too bad about your transportation but could your family not take you too your Dr. appointments at least.

What MM Symptom Do You Have That You Didn't Expect?
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭
A MyMyelomaTeam Member

Yes it is bad in the morning. I think it is because the body is stiff. Try to massage my feet and legs and stretch my back. Helps me.Hope it gets better for you soon

What Is Your Take On The Covid Vaccines And A Spike In Your Protein Level?
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭

I was in perfect health, well maybe a few pounds overweight. I never took any pills except for my migraines. No high blood pressure no high cholesterol, no history of cancer in my family. I’m the first. I had my blood tests done at my physical in November 2020. Everything was fine, no problem. March and April 2021, I received my Covid vaccines and in November, 2021, I was told I had way to much protein in my blood. I needed to go to an oncologist and was diagnosed with… read more

A MyMyelomaTeam Member

Thank you for your reply.

I Have NON-SECRETORY Multiple Myeloma.
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭

I am seeking others with this diagnosis. I had a stem cell transplant and have had extremely low values of IgG. IgA, and IgM. I did have 4 rounds of chemo prior to stem cell transplant and 2 infusions of IVIG
The chemo of the stem cell transplant eliminated all immunity I had as that is where the cancer cells are
I will have to have all my vaccinations again in about 6-8 months.
I have no immunity from all baby shots, flu vaccines. And Tetnus polio and other sources.
I am isolated and… read more

A MyMyelomaTeam Member

Here’s a non secretory study

It’s a little old from 2015. It seems to conclude it has more favorable longevity vs standard MM.

Looking for current… read more