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About MyMyelomaTeam
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MyMyelomaTeam Community Guidelines

MyMyelomaTeam is the social network for those living with myeloma. The goal of MyMyelomaTeam is to offer perspective and validation of others by sharing one's own personal story. MyMyelomaTeam aims to foster a safe, supportive and inclusive environment where members feel comfortable discussing their experiences.

Our Community Guidelines help maintain the welcoming spirit of MyMyelomaTeam and embody the core values of our community. Additionally, to protect the spirit of MyMyelomaTeam and to empower our members, we've provided members the tools to alert us when guidelines are broken. Learn More.

What are our community guidelines?

  • No posting content or media with a judgmental tone. Accept and respect differences.
  • No promotion, or asking for members' contact information to sell products, websites, fundraisers, or seminars.
  • No repetitive posting of the same content or links. This has the appearance of spam.
  • No selling or distributing of any product including pharmaceutical products.
  • No petitions of any kind may be conducted or promoted on the site.
  • No solicitation of funds for any reason.
  • No prescribing, sharing of unsubstantiated medical claims, or instructing what others should do. We are not a medical site, and all members should avoid prescribing medication to other members. This should only be done by a trained physician.
  • No references to illegal activity, professional malpractice or health code violations.
  • No research of any kind may be conducted or promoted on the site.
  • No proselytizing. Please respect members' point of view, religious or not.
  • No all caps. Shouting on the internet is known as all caps.
  • No horribly offensive language directed at others.
  • No posting of hate, misogynistic, sexist, or racist content or media.
  • No posting content or media that contain offensive material and/or bodily harm.
  • No posting of hostile content or media towards any member of the community, including those who work here.
  • No posting content or media that target individuals or groups in a disparaging way.
  • No unwanted advances either sexual or romantic in nature with a focus on dating.
  • No screenshots of member content on MyMyelomaTeam and then posting elsewhere on the internet.
  • No more than one profile on MyMyelomaTeam
  • No astroturfing. Learn more about astroturfing
  • No trolling. Learn more about trolling.

What is our process behind account removal?

While our process is not perfect in addressing all violations, we always strive to put the well-being of the entire community above all else. In reviewing actions of members that may violate our guidelines, we always err on the side of removing content of members who may jeopardize the environment of the site as a safe place for people to connect and share their daily experiences. We recognize that not everyone shares the same experiences, opinions, values, humor, or perspective. Therefore, any post that incites violence, hate, and/or defamation of, or, between community members will be subject to review and potential removal.

Anytime a member's action is reported for violating community guidelines or terms of service, MyMyelomaTeam will send an email warning to that member, indicating which guideline has been broken. If the warned member continues to break the same guideline or any additional guideline, MyMyelomaTeam will immediately deactivate that person's account. An email will be sent indicating the nature of the second violation, and the fact that the person's account was terminated.

We aim to swiftly respond to violations of community guidelines to ensure that the site fosters a welcoming and supportive environment. Member-reported violations are one way we are able to maintain the integrity of the site.

What warrants immediate account removal without warning?

MyMyelomaTeam reserves the right to terminate your account or limit your access to MyMyelomaTeam without prior notice. Grounds for immediate account termination without warning include, and not limited to:

  • Spamming
  • Trolling and bullying of any member of the site (including employees)
  • Hate speech, sexual harassment, racism
  • Any other egregious acts that go against common decency

Thank you for helping us create a safe social network.

Please note

You have our guarantee that we will never betray your confidence in us. We believe in transparency, we let our members know exactly what we do or do not do with their information.

If you sign up to support your spouse or child, you acknowledge that you have their consent or legal authorization to do so.

Be aware that this is a public forum, and as such all information you post is available to all members on MyMyelomaTeam.