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Diagnosed With Leukemia And Multiple Myeloma
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭

Had SCT 2/22 and leukemia is in remission, however multiple myeloma is not. Doctors at John Hopkins are taking a wait and see attitude because they say the myeloma hasn’t changed. I’ve lost about 90lbs and have no energy most days. My spleen is enlarged and the doctor says that’s what’s causing the weight loss. My appearance to me looks extremely frail. Appetite is good and I’m taking in a lot of protein but still no weight gain. Doctor says that he’s going to talk to the myeloma team and… read more

A MyMyelomaTeam Member

Hi Alan. Ask your doctor to check your blood sugar and thyroid as well. I pray your dr will take your concerns seriously and get to the root cause of your weight loss. Hugs

Hi Everybody, I’m Feeling Good Today?
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭

Hi everyone
Can anyone in the MMTEAM share about weight loss,appetite change and how to maintain the body weight.l have lost around five kilograms along my chemo n treatment, thank you

A MyMyelomaTeam Member

Thank you very much Tammie for the sharing and advice I appreciate it 💯👌🙂

What Nutrition Diet Can I Refer To Strengthen My Immune System And Strengthen My Bones.?
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭
A MyMyelomaTeam Member

I keep reading that we need to eat a whole food plant based diet. Leafy greens like spinach have calcium that help strengthen our bones. I don't tolerate calcium supplements, so I drink organic milk… read more

B-12 Update
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭

Just to share I’ve been taking chewable B-12 5000 mcg for ten days and honestly feel I have more energy. I’ll comment back at 30 days. If you do try let me know what your experience is. And please check with your doctor before taking. Certainly don’t want it to interfere with your treatment meds. Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸

A MyMyelomaTeam Member

I don't take the chewables but I found a non drug, B-6/B12/Folic/and Potassium supplement, made by Excedrin, of all companies. I don't know if it's helping yet. It's a one a day but I take two… read more

My Wife Has MM Kappa Stage 1. She Really Doesn't Want To Do Chemo. Is Nutrition And Immunotherapy And Option W/o Chemo?
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭

She is 57 and broke a hip caused by MM. All of her numbers were good except kappa M protein. Good health otherwise and active.

A MyMyelomaTeam Member

I have not had chemo. My dr has me on immunotherapy drugs and I am doing fine. Hopefully she will do as well. With this disease she really should see someone who specializes in MM as a normal… read more

Anyone Else Besides Me Just Doing Straight Nutrition?
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭
A MyMyelomaTeam Member

It is under people beating cancer, I believe. Sorry

Is Anyone Using The Balance Of Nature Products To Aid In Their Nutrition And Overall Energy. If So, Are You Having Good Results?
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭
A MyMyelomaTeam Member

What I have found is most people do not know about nutrition and doctors are not trained in nutrition, but it is super important. I’m going to order some and see how I feel.
Paula 🌹

My Husband's Numbers From His Blood Tests Are Perfect.But It Is Rare That He Has A Day That He Is Feeling Good. Is That The Norm?
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭
A MyMyelomaTeam Member

I should have added, I’m allergic to cow’s milk, so I drink Cashew milk. Nutritional yeast can be taken with apple juice or orange juice or even sprinkled on your popcorn.

What Are Some Remedies For Peripheral Neuropathy?
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭

I began feeling peripheral neuropathy shortly after my last chemotherapy session several months ago and it has only gotten worse. One of my life's passion has been playing the guitar and that is no longer possible. It saddens me and I was told that this condition may never go away. I've tried accupuncture, electric treatment, massage, qigong, yoga, cranberry juice and tart cherry juice. Any more suggestions?

A MyMyelomaTeam Member

How's the Lyrica working out for you?

A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭

I was wondering how people have found being on steroids? I understand that they can cause problems
I am diabetic and they can increase your blood sugars
They can also cause weight gain and I have recently been on a diet and lost 4 stone.
They can also affect your mental health and I have mental health problems.
They can also cause insomnia.

Does anyone have problems with these side effects or know of other side effects?

Are there any ways you have found to minimize the side effects?

I hope… read more

A MyMyelomaTeam Member

Thanks Barry
I am seeing my diabetic nurse soon as well.
I have had quite a few replies saying that they raise your blood sugars.
At least I will be prepared.