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Is Medical Marijuana Assisting In Pain Control To Those With MM?
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have been taking oxycodone for pain and I would like to know if there is someone who has been taking medical marijuana while being in remission: Did it hinder the remission, was it a negative factor in your continued remission
I have been on medical marijuana, in the past, I have not taken it since January if 2022. And no one, in the medical profession has been able to answer the questions that I have! Is taking medical marijuana detrimental one’s staying in remission
I know it is a… read more

A MyMyelomaTeam Member

I took Ginger cookies with THC infused when first diagnosed. Helped with stomach issues, appetite, and sleep. I still do edibles or flower in the evening for pain, sleep and appetite. I spoke to… read more

SCT For Non Secretory Myeloma With Tumor
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭

I was diagnosed 9/2019 with MM that impacted my pelvis and spine. I chose not to do SCT and my light chain counts have been stable using Revlimid. At the beginnings of March this year, my doctor said I could take a break from Revlimid
Two weeks later, we found out that the myeloma had actually become non secretory (I.e. did not secrete the light chains any more) and it had destroyed my T3 vertebrae and 4 other vertebrae in that area. There was also a 3 centimeter myeloma tumor in the same… read more

A MyMyelomaTeam Member

You might want to look at a PET/CT. It can find cancer issues with bones and soft tissue that other imaging methods will not show. Another cancer imaging is a Full Body Bone Scan (FBBS) but it will… read more

Has Anyone Experienced Excruciating Leg/foot Pain?
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭

My leg pain was so bad I could not eat, sleep, walk... I was miserably in pain even when I was on Percocet the pain was still present. The only treatment that helped with most of my leg pain was Radiation therapy. My foot still has some pain left and throbs (prob from dissolving blood clots).

Has anyone out there had this experience with leg/foot pain? If so can we chat?

A MyMyelomaTeam Member

I used to not be able to wear shoes coz i felt like my feet were on fire until my husband started massaging every night with wintergreen oil or any sport cream, it helped a lot but did not completely… read more