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Recommendation For Tracking Health App
A MyMyelomaTeam Member asked a question 💭

I’m looking to use an app to track how I’m feeling, side effects, etc so that when I see my oncologist I’ll have a record to easily look back.
I know I can simply keep a journal or write it on a calendar but always more fun to use apps for this kind of stuff.

posted March 6, 2022
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A MyMyelomaTeam Member

I am not much of a computer person. I have my lab results in my phone a soon as they finish the lab email them to me. But the rest I just write it down I have my daughter come with me on my appointment and help me remember some stuff I forget

posted March 6, 2022
A MyMyelomaTeam Member

Take a look at the Healthtree Moves app if your exercise is walking , but it does not have a daily log of how you feel. I use Apple Notes to log my oncologist questions, but regret not tracking my daily health and side effects. When you have frequent induction treatments a log works well on a notebook with dates, events. Hen you can use the information to discuss issues with your healthcare team.

I now see my oncologist every 3 months and am on maintenance so there are not too many short term events. I still have issues , but they tend to be more long term on a roller coaster. I am able to consult my oncology nurse because it is not too frequent by phone or request an appointment.
All of my cancer treatments centers have an app to record and trend blood draw lab tests , an imaging record, any tests, medications, doses, and any documents in an app. So far they all have had one, but I inquired to get signed up.. If your cancer treatment center , doctor or oncologist do not have one Healthtree has a lab data record that will record your treatments, dates, lab results, imaging ,etc. I send my results to them and they manually enter them for me. You can request a hard copy of the doctors notes and lab results that you can email to them. Make an account at Healthtree and use the on line chat to ask them for assistance. They have an excellent help team. I also volunteered for my data to be used by Sloan Kettering and NYU Langone Medical for their research purposes. Healthtree will verify your records which is great too.

Good luck. Let me know how you make progress.

posted March 6, 2022

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