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Has Anyone Been Kicked Off Social Security Disability?

Has Anyone Been Kicked Off Social Security Disability?

I'm facing losing my social security disability next month. SSD has sent me three times for medical evaluations and once for a phyc evaluation. They say I'm better and able to return to work without issues. I have five collapsed vertebrates and two fractured ribs, also walk with a cane and have nuerapathy in my hands and feet. The only way I get relief during the day from back pain is to lay down to allow it to relax. How am I to work like that.? Has anyone had to go back to work because of… read more

A MyMyelomaTeam Member said:

My husband is considering going for disability if his work requires him to start doing the physical part of his job again, which they are hinting at, so you're saying they're sending you to independent analysis and finding you're fine to work even though your health care providers confirmed collapsed vertebrates, fractured ribs, etc?

posted 5 days ago
A MyMyelomaTeam Member said:

revlimid withdrawal? my husband has been off of revlimid because of a surgery for almost 13 days now, will be back on it in 2 more days.....he's been feeling blah, headache, maybe nauseous, just weird these last 2 days....just wondered if anyone else has experienced this after being off of revlimid

posted about 1 month ago
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